Saturday, 18 July 2009

superstition or destiny?

with the 1st,i lost all data in my laptop
with the 2nd,i lost my coats
with the 3nd,i was injured physically.

is it destiny that eventually i lose them?

The god does give me a hint, right?


直到今天,我才意识到.我需要一个人生伴侣,就象你需要朋友一样,你需要一个人,在你身边, 一直照顾你,分享你生命的喜悦,听你的倾诉,相扶相伴.


the first bunch of flower I got in the UK, (From Wen, the chinese girl )

Bye, July

What happened in the July?
In one word: unlucky.
In one sentence: my knee was hurt, my laptop was dead permanently, my arm was bite by insects.
In one more sentence: I want to finish thesis as soon as possible. I like my topic, I want to do a good thesis.
That’s all. And more, my best friend left me for one month holiday.

To summarize, I have been having an awful time.
That’s life ar…
I was unable to walk properly, I couldn’t use laptop any more which was my best companion for 4 years, I had to take good care of my right hand for more than 1 week, I was unable to concentrate on thesis.
Suddenly, all bad things broke into my life, together…


At the beginning, I wasn’t upset much, I believe I can deal with them by myself.
But finally, I couldn’t manage it very well….
I didn’t allow me cry, but I couldn’t control it..
I didn’t want to be a burden for friends thus I keep silent. But I couldn’t survive without friends….

Thanks god, my arm is getting much better now, I will recover within a couple of days I believe.
Thanks god, friends are always here when I need them…thank you my friends , thanks for helping me clean flat, sharing food, spending time with me , allowing me cry bitterly….

Thank you all, my dear friends.

I also feel extremely sorry for some of friends who are in hard times, who suffering from personal disease, family accident…. I pray that you all will overcome it and finally health and happiness will come with you.

Goodbye, July!

Friday, 17 July 2009

hey jude

thank you for the song, my dear.
I finally know what the song mean by checking the lyrics.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Why do you like a bastard?
Because he happen to be a charming bastard .

How do you feel when you like him?
I just worried a lot. I lost myself, he is my center of life. I changed all for him. I reduced my time with friends as well.
I do a lot of thing for him. I concern him everything, such as food, sleep, work….

Do you feel happy?
Yes. mostly . But sometimes sad.

Does he concern you?
Em, not really. Actually, not much.

Why do you decide to leave him?
Just want to stop being broken-heart . I want to be happy.

How do you feel when you meet him again?
Laugh. Just wonder why I once liked him. It’s funny.

Will you like a bad guy again?
Maybe, love is blind.

Try to know more about the person before starting a relationship.
Everything is a gift, including sorrow.

We are still friends. Thanks God, finally I stopped hating him. and, actually he could be a good friend, but not boyfriend. He lost the ability to love, I suppose.

( For the time before January 2009.)

Good,or Bad?

Got up around 10am. I had a long sleep effected by the tablet. Luckily, I feel my arm not as heavy as yesterday, the wound is getting better.

Sunday. Sunny. Time for a break.

Rambling in the street, put on headphone , music is always a good companion.

Walking. Viewing.

Playing swing , talked with a young girl. She is 8. She left Africa and lived in the UK for 2 years The president in her country like to fight with other countries, and the people don’t have enough food and water. Her dream is become a nurse because she can take care of her mom.

All of sudden, I realized that I could work for some NGO groups or as a volunteer. I always concern people, very much, about their life, attitude, experience, future. I am always happy for encouraging and supporting people , especially children and young people.

Bumped into Minky with her flatmate , a PHD student in East Asia studies, who gave me some advice to my thesis. It’s just such a pleasant surprise, you never knew what life might give to you in the coming second.

Without losing my laptop, I would not find a lot of advantage of using desktop, for instance, enjoying music via QQ, at least.

Without suffering the bites from insects, I would not go to the hospital by myself, the first time in the UK, it’s just experience, isn’t it? More importantly, I learn to manage crisis. Though I cried, though I felt painful, I managed it and went though.

Life is still good so far. In another word, life is always good, if we view it as the right attitude.

Thanks what life gave to me. Bear in mind that everything, including disaster, hurt, tears, will turn out to be good.

1 week ago, kneel was hit and bleeding;
a few days ago, laptop retired permernantly;
3 days ago, my arm was proved seriously attacked by insects,and I coudn't use my right hand for a few days .
this article is for all the accidents,frustration and tears.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Rose Garden

Sunday afternoon, Temple Newsman, one of nice attractions in Leeds. Thanks friednd's driving.
Found a Rose Garden by happy accident.

All of suden, I had a small dream: when I have a small yard, I want to have a rose garden.
Pink,Red(light,dark),Purple,Yellow,White,Orange,Pink&White...I never see roses with so many various colors.
Pretty rose, they light me up.