Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bye, July

What happened in the July?
In one word: unlucky.
In one sentence: my knee was hurt, my laptop was dead permanently, my arm was bite by insects.
In one more sentence: I want to finish thesis as soon as possible. I like my topic, I want to do a good thesis.
That’s all. And more, my best friend left me for one month holiday.

To summarize, I have been having an awful time.
That’s life ar…
I was unable to walk properly, I couldn’t use laptop any more which was my best companion for 4 years, I had to take good care of my right hand for more than 1 week, I was unable to concentrate on thesis.
Suddenly, all bad things broke into my life, together…


At the beginning, I wasn’t upset much, I believe I can deal with them by myself.
But finally, I couldn’t manage it very well….
I didn’t allow me cry, but I couldn’t control it..
I didn’t want to be a burden for friends thus I keep silent. But I couldn’t survive without friends….

Thanks god, my arm is getting much better now, I will recover within a couple of days I believe.
Thanks god, friends are always here when I need them…thank you my friends , thanks for helping me clean flat, sharing food, spending time with me , allowing me cry bitterly….

Thank you all, my dear friends.

I also feel extremely sorry for some of friends who are in hard times, who suffering from personal disease, family accident…. I pray that you all will overcome it and finally health and happiness will come with you.

Goodbye, July!

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