Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A song written by a friend: The Beat Of The Heart.

haha, Henrik, Don't blame me that I post it here without your permission, I thought you will agree..:)
Appreciate your writing..

The Beat Of The Heart.

I am believing
Everywhere I go
That time keeps changing
Everything that we know,
All this thinking
Keeps my mind alert
I keep on wishing
For things to go anywhere.

Oh I tell you
I’m close to a start and I’m feeling the beat of my heart
I do not, they do not know, where do we go?

It’s clear to me, the deeper thought’s will never abandon me
They have to be, a greater part that always will beat in me
There’s no need for me, to give it further thought’s it’s the way it is
And the light’s will shine, you’ll see it comming out from within my eyes,

I’ve been trying
To keep things apart
It was never simple
Didn’t know where to start.

But oh I tell you
You’re close to the start, and feeling the beat of your heart
Nobody knows, nobody cares anyway – these things they never stand still.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Complain , Compliment

To compliment, rather than complaining.

To complain, only makes him feel awful, depressed.
To compliment, will make him feel cheerful and glad to do more for you.

It's a simple reason, but we often forget to do .
When we deal with love relationship, we often complain instead of compliment.

"You should do this , you didn't do it last time...You make me unhappy.." Girls often say like that way. I often do the same, I was always picky with my boyfriend, or sb who was aftering me.
We just take for granted that he should be thoughtful, caring.....
That made some relationship worse even broken.

To appreciate for what he done for you, and let him know your appreciation. And for something you hope him to improve, why not discuss and suggest ?Never talk as if you are requesting him to do sth.

"Always treat him as my boyfriend." Zhao, a famouse HK star,replied as asking how to keep the marrige relationship as fresh and longlasting.
Yes, be polite, respectful, and not request much. Never take it for granted that your man should sacrifice everything for you.

A smart woman often compliment, I know, but I often make mistake.

No idle time, No ideal thoughts

Some time are just used for WASTING
No idle time, No ideal thoughts.

Sometimes, just take some time , do nothing. Or be a couch potato, accompany with television soaps.
Actually, it is a great enjoyment. You may get some great ideas, like what I gain today.

When you do nothing, probably you will get great reflection about life, or solve some puzzles which has been hidden in your heart for a long time.

At least, you might have time to write down sth. Like what I am doing now.
I watched soaps for the whole night, but I do have a good time. I realized that I should spend more time wtih television.haha..

Thank Life

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Being Grateful

Chinese people often say: have a grateful heart....(bad translation, ie.being grateful)

Always thank people who help you. Though sometimes you think he doesn't help you, try to be grateful for everything.
It also involves that we'd better think positively.

It's easy to say than done. Especially when we deal with close friendship, family membership....we require more, we complain more, we seldome praise, or forgot to praise.

Being grateful, it's what i have to bear in mind.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Pretend to be happy

There is a Chinese saying :it's wise to ignore sth and be happy.
There is another saying:Once the human being think,the God will laugh at them.

In one word , as many friend once convinced me, don't be a "too smart" girl.
A girl who is too smart, is sensitive, thinks too much, doubtful, easy to be sad.
They assumed.
In fact, it's right.

Thinking about my life, I have 1000 reasons not to be happy. However,I also have 1000 reason to be happy.
That's life. You can't always balance them , calculate how much you earn and how much you lost.
When start to calculate, you will fall into a trap:being unhappy.

Unfortunately, I often fall into the damn trap.

Just pretend to be happy. The fact is that the more you happy, the more happiness will follow you.
Vice versa.

Although life is bad, though the situation is awful, my Dear , try to be happy, even preten to be.

Be Happy.