Monday, 13 July 2009


Why do you like a bastard?
Because he happen to be a charming bastard .

How do you feel when you like him?
I just worried a lot. I lost myself, he is my center of life. I changed all for him. I reduced my time with friends as well.
I do a lot of thing for him. I concern him everything, such as food, sleep, work….

Do you feel happy?
Yes. mostly . But sometimes sad.

Does he concern you?
Em, not really. Actually, not much.

Why do you decide to leave him?
Just want to stop being broken-heart . I want to be happy.

How do you feel when you meet him again?
Laugh. Just wonder why I once liked him. It’s funny.

Will you like a bad guy again?
Maybe, love is blind.

Try to know more about the person before starting a relationship.
Everything is a gift, including sorrow.

We are still friends. Thanks God, finally I stopped hating him. and, actually he could be a good friend, but not boyfriend. He lost the ability to love, I suppose.

( For the time before January 2009.)

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