Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A word to Wen for her birthday

From my point of view, simplicity and purity, are the best quality for a woman. You already have them. Congratulations.

Happy birthday.

P.S I do feel the reverse cultural shock tonight when I found some peopel i don't like. A few of them are sophiscated,worldly,and over talktive, gosshipy,and pretend to considerate.oh, our long chinese culture... As usual, I couldn't hide my unpleasantness on my face.Be straightforward is my personality.


Anonymous said...

come on, dear, don't be so sensitive,everybody has its own style. if u dislike, just ignore it, otherwise, u will feel uncomfortable all the time.

My Space said...

ha, I understand..yes, I agree, maybe at that day i was so tired....thanks for companion, dear.