Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A new begin?

I just realized my life in the past month was very messy, and noisy.
Troubles, big more small, constantly bother me.
Sick,worry,quarrel,plan...backache, headache,allegetic,or more...
How can I calm down, and go on my writing for thesis?
yes, thesis, I have been working on 2 months, but had to suspend for a while.

Perhaps I am not strong enough, mature enough to deal with it. A wise person can handle them calmly, at least not pausing the studying plan.
I am sorry, I couldn't.

Her story, my story, whoes trouble, whose difficuties.
We were surounded by a lot of "questions marks" and unsolved problems.

I resumed my morning Yoga exercise today.
I need the fresh air to refresh me, in the morning, the begining of a day.

I am sure I can find the solution, I am sure I can find the answer , by myself.

After finish the main task, I will reward myself a new Mac. It's a prize for the uneasy and unforgotable one year study in this country.

I am worthy of it.

Whenever I feel down, the best way is to seek strength from inside my heart. I know, I am the master of my life. I have done a great job in the past, I will do it better in the future.

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