Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I am looking forward a holiday.
Wherever is fine.
I just want to go anywhere out of leeds, away my current life.
More fresh air, more strength, more inspiration.

Jersey or North Wales?
Anywhere is OK.
What I want is just to stay for a few days, think about myself, think about my next plan. To be a lone.
yes, I don't want anybody to be with me. Only Me.

It's just a holiday for myself.

Jersey is too beautiful. Will I be more emotional in such a beautiful place? Will I be lonely and miss a companion?

What I need is a holiday, with myself. To be away the messy ,troublesome life.
Give me more fresh air, and more strength, to deal with the difficuties .

Or what I need is just reward myself with a holiday, and say goodbye to the past messy ,stressful month.

May the force and smile be with me.

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