Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Outing to the Abbey

with" my baby",am I like a qualified mother?..haha

What a lovely evening .

Organized by the international student club, we went to the Abbey at evening. It's a nice place, with old buildings and pretty grassland, luckily the sun was there , cloud and rain disappeared.

Wen, a lovely Chinese girl, who is doing PHD in electronical engineering, helped me a lot to take photos, carry bags.
Dika, a cute Indonesia baby, ran around the grassland, and was unwilling to take photo with me even I caught him. We ran a lot together, what a dynamic naught baby!
Andy, one of the organizer of this outing, told us a lot of history about the Abbey with his standard English, he speaks without any accent though his hometown is Bermingham.
Afterwards we were invited to Andy's house where his wife, Linda prepared some food for us. Andy shared with us his love stories with Linda. what a lovely couple! Oh, yes, I saw some cute gerble( desert mouse) in his house.

I realized that an outing is always helpful to cheer me up. I am the person who love the nature scenery and around by people, then I won't feel lonely.

One more delightful thing is that I took a lot picutres, I am happy to see I was happy on the photos.

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