Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Only yourself can help you

You feel depressed once a month, normally around the date of 20th.
Caught by it again, without suprise.

You started to call freinds, you felt isolated, you need them to company with you. You started to sleep, for a long time, you thought sleeping can make you forget all difficulties, and yes, you thought there are a lot of barrels standing in front of you. You started to reflect yourself, you got confused about yourself, you lost clues about what you want to do in the future, again, they made you lost confidence.
You felt incredibaly lonely.

Gesus, damn black depression.

Untill today, you got an email which reminds you that the deadline of work . Yes, you have to work again, its inescapable.
You won't know that only yourself can help you untill you wasted some time , you won't condemn yourslef untill you wasted a lot time on thinking, roaming, seeking help. Why seek strength from outside, not inside?

Be a brave women, you know you are, always.

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