Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A song written by a friend: The Beat Of The Heart.

haha, Henrik, Don't blame me that I post it here without your permission, I thought you will agree..:)
Appreciate your writing..

The Beat Of The Heart.

I am believing
Everywhere I go
That time keeps changing
Everything that we know,
All this thinking
Keeps my mind alert
I keep on wishing
For things to go anywhere.

Oh I tell you
I’m close to a start and I’m feeling the beat of my heart
I do not, they do not know, where do we go?

It’s clear to me, the deeper thought’s will never abandon me
They have to be, a greater part that always will beat in me
There’s no need for me, to give it further thought’s it’s the way it is
And the light’s will shine, you’ll see it comming out from within my eyes,

I’ve been trying
To keep things apart
It was never simple
Didn’t know where to start.

But oh I tell you
You’re close to the start, and feeling the beat of your heart
Nobody knows, nobody cares anyway – these things they never stand still.

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