Sunday, 11 January 2009

Complain , Compliment

To compliment, rather than complaining.

To complain, only makes him feel awful, depressed.
To compliment, will make him feel cheerful and glad to do more for you.

It's a simple reason, but we often forget to do .
When we deal with love relationship, we often complain instead of compliment.

"You should do this , you didn't do it last time...You make me unhappy.." Girls often say like that way. I often do the same, I was always picky with my boyfriend, or sb who was aftering me.
We just take for granted that he should be thoughtful, caring.....
That made some relationship worse even broken.

To appreciate for what he done for you, and let him know your appreciation. And for something you hope him to improve, why not discuss and suggest ?Never talk as if you are requesting him to do sth.

"Always treat him as my boyfriend." Zhao, a famouse HK star,replied as asking how to keep the marrige relationship as fresh and longlasting.
Yes, be polite, respectful, and not request much. Never take it for granted that your man should sacrifice everything for you.

A smart woman often compliment, I know, but I often make mistake.

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