Saturday, 3 January 2009

Pretend to be happy

There is a Chinese saying :it's wise to ignore sth and be happy.
There is another saying:Once the human being think,the God will laugh at them.

In one word , as many friend once convinced me, don't be a "too smart" girl.
A girl who is too smart, is sensitive, thinks too much, doubtful, easy to be sad.
They assumed.
In fact, it's right.

Thinking about my life, I have 1000 reasons not to be happy. However,I also have 1000 reason to be happy.
That's life. You can't always balance them , calculate how much you earn and how much you lost.
When start to calculate, you will fall into a trap:being unhappy.

Unfortunately, I often fall into the damn trap.

Just pretend to be happy. The fact is that the more you happy, the more happiness will follow you.
Vice versa.

Although life is bad, though the situation is awful, my Dear , try to be happy, even preten to be.

Be Happy.


Henrik said...

Even if there were a thousand bad things and only 20 good, it won't matter as long as the 20 things mean more to you than anything else in the world

My Space said...

I appreciate what you said , yep,there are things mean more important than anything else, though they are minority.